Duplicated New Contact Name

When you click the New Contact button and enter the personal details the name and company name are compared to existing contacts. If there is a match then there is a chance you have just created a duplicated contact record. To avoid doing this AgShow will display this Duplicated New Contact form where you can check your new record against existing contacts.
This form links into the New Contact button on each of the Enter a Show Entry, Membership Subscriptions, Sponsorships or Allocate Trade Stall Sites forms.

To generate the above form: How does AgShow match existing contacts:
Hint: Quick selection of an existing contact record:
  1. Click the New Contact button
  2. Type the first 2-3 charcters of the surname into the Surname field and press Enter
  3. Existing contact records that match those 2-3 characters will be displayed.
    Select the Existing Contact record from the list that you want,
    or keep your New Contact record. (Finish off the fields when you return to the form.)
  4. If no existing contact records match the 2-3 characters you type then the pink form is not displayed, so just keep typing data into your new record.